Here at, we are dedicated to making absolutely sure that
you have the opportunity to profit from each and every one of the products that
you get with your monthly membership.

As you can see, we have included an incredible collection of quick start guides to get
your started.

This collection of Quick Start guides will get you up and running fast and without a bunch
of confusing stuff.

Best of all, these guides are easy reads that will have you creating a totally unique
product in under and hour. You’ll get even faster the second, third,
fourth time and so on.

The Official 4 Step Action Plan pdf
As you know, there is an incredible wealth of information available to you in the membership area. I promised to make my secret
stomping ground for sharing how to make real money on the Internet
using PLR products just like I do.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of pages of advanced training in the membership area as well as templates, software and tools.

However, some of you have been a bit overwhelmed by all of this content as well as all of
the resources and have asked for a simple way to get started.

I heard your cries and created what I consider the easiest (and fastest) way to get a
business online and pulling in traffic available today.

Don’t let this 12 page report fool you. It’s extremely detail packed with ONLY the steps
you need to take to get running and on the road to that coveted first sale quickly.

In fact, if you dedicated yourself for one day on the weekend, you could complete the
entire product customization, sales letter and traffic generation
method in just a day and be getting traffic the same day too!

You truly have to read the report to believe it so download it, follow the steps and
contact me using the support link at the top of this page with your

Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course pdf
Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course is the most detailed guide on creating a
sales letter you’ve ever seen.

Best of all, the whole point of the course is to create a letter that’s totally unique
WITHOUT having to write your copy from scratch!

That’s right, you learn how to use all of the existing resources that come included with
your membership to create a unique sales letter!

Thank You Page Quick Setup pdf
This short, yet detailed guide will carry you through the process of setting up your
own thank you page in a way that serves your customers while you sleep.

You’ll also learn how to reduce refunds and help your customers have more confidence in
you and your products.

Physical Product Profits Quick Start Manual pdf
In this short, but revealing report you will learn the secrets of turning your products into high end, high profit products.

You may have never considered this strategy but it could be one of the most profitable
things that you ever do!

The Official Quick Start Manual pdf

The Official Quick Start Manual is a complete manual for going
over every resource in the entire web site.

Make sure that you go through this manual first as it will allow you to get the most out
of your membership every month. Not to mention we discuss some pretty
cool techniques for getting your business running smoothly.

The Be Unique Quick Start Manual pdf
The Be Unique Quick Start Manual is a manual that we put together to teach you exactly how
to be unique.

More specifically, you will actually walk through the customization of a product with me
so that you can get a firm understanding of how the process works. This
one manual alone is worth your membership fee so make sure that you
read it.

The Market Multiplier Quick Start Manual pdf
The Market Multiplier Quick Start Manual is centered around branching out with
your products.

When you see what this system is (it’s actually very short to read) you’re going to be
excited to get started.

I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this so don’t miss out on this must
read information.

Why Re-Brand Manual pdf
The Why Re-brand Manual is actually a pretty beefy manual on why it’s so important to
re-brand your products.

You’ll learn the benefits as well as tons of strategies for setting your product apart from the crowd.

This manual really rounds out the re-branding system so that you end
up with unique and easily sellable products.