Please make sure that you read the terms on this page. These terms affect your membership as a member.
1. You Do Not Have Resale Rights To The Source Documents
2. You Cannot Sell Resale Rights To Any Of The Products Without Major
3. Reading This Terms Page Is Mandatory Before You Sell Any Products
4. We Decide What Is An Acceptable Change Level

These terms are not optional. You absolutely must read them if you want to sell and profit from your products!
By doing this you will also be educating yourself as to what you can and
can’t do with the products and also set yourself up
for maximum success!

You are under no circumstances allowed to sell the source documents to
the products.

This means that you cannot transfer the source documents to any other
person or persons for any reason at any time.

You are also not permitted to store the source documents on a live web
server for any reason. The best thing you can do is burn all of the
products to a CD or store them directly on your hard drive each month.
You are also not permitted to sell rights to the products in any way. Yes,
this also means you can’t sell rights to a pdf derived from the original source document.

The purpose of the products is for you to create
products you can sell to end users.
However, if you would like to sell rights to a product, you must make SUBSTANTIAL changes and then submit the product for
review to our support team here…

We will review your product and determine if there have been enough
customizations done to the book to merit you selling resale rights to it.
Our decision is final once made.

If you plan on selling the rights, you will also be required to create a sales letter that we can review along with the product. Approval for this is at
our sole discretion.

Your license is non-exclusive.

Products cannot be bundled into more than 2 products at a time.
This means that you cannot sell two products in
packages of more than 2 products. This also applies to adding the
products to other packages which means that if you are selling a related
package that has several products, it’s not okay to add your product into that package.
Two products maximum in a package even if one of them isn’t a package.

The main point that you need to take home here is that these products where created with the intent of your customizing them and selling them
to end users without rights.

Resale rights are not available to the documents or products in any way unless dramatic changes are made which we will then review and
approve or deny for a resale rights consideration.
Just use common sense. There’s a lot of money to be made selling these products and I truly want to see you succeed.

You do not have rights to the training and non-plr documentation. Rights are reserved exclusively for the Private Label Rights products that you get each month.

The training documents and materials are intended as a training tool that you can use to further expand your experience and profits with your products.

These documents are intended as a supplement to your purchase in order to equip you with the knowledge that you need to sell your actual PLR source files.

The training documentation and material is an incredible tool in developing and deploying sales materials, advertisements and overall customization, creation & use of your private label rights documents.
Use them to their full potential and you will see that setting up your own unique products every month is a breeze and actually a fun process.
You do not have any rights other than Personal Use Rights to the training, non-plr and supplemental information. That means that you can use it for ideas and assistance in developing your own sales material and customized PLR products but you are not ever permitted to do any of the following…

1. Sell These Documents & Materials
2. Share These Documents & Materials
3. Transfer Rights To These Documents And Materials In Any Way To Any
Person At Any Time
4. Store These Documents And Materials On Any Website, Web Server Or
Other File Repository
5. Use Elements Of These Proprietary Documents And Materials And
Content Format To Create Derivative Works

This page is always up to date and any changes, additions or alterations to the terms will always be reflected here. This page always has the active and accurate terms that you must abide by so if there is any confusion regarding the terms, please visit this page.

If you have any questions regarding these terms or need to contact us to clarify anything for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our support department…